Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Upcoming Conference Talks and Workshops

At least one of the Enhancing Fieldwork Learning team will be available to talk to at the following conferences and workshops where an oral presentation about the project will be given:

Teaching and learning for GEES students, Birmingham~ 30th June - 1st July

Effective Learning in Biosciences, Edinburgh~ 30th June - 1st July

Personal Learning Environments Conference, Southampton ~ 11th - 13th July.

Royal Geographic Society Conference, London ~ 31st August - 2nd September (Chairing and presenting: Enhancing Fieldwork Learning)

University of Chester Staff Conference, Chester, 14th September, 2011.

Enhancing Fieldwork Learning Showcase Event, Port Talbot, 16th-18th September, 2011 ** Click HERE to find out how to participate.

ISSOTL Conference, Milwaukee ~ 20th-23rd October 2011.