Monday, 28 February 2011

Dictation software

On Monday 21st February, six groups of students from the University of Chester interviewed various ethnic groups and refugee/asylum groups across the city.  The students were well prepared before they went, they knew what questions they wanted to ask the interviewees and had taken dictaphones with them to record the interviews.

Image from Dragon Dictation Website
One way in which technology may enhance the student learning experience is to use Dragon Dictation software so that the conversation is transcribed for them.  A possible pitfall is that not all of the words will be transcribed correctly as there will be new voices.  However an iPhone app is available for those who have access to an iPhone and although it is dependent on an internet (3G) signal, it would be useful for this type of fieldwork in the UK. I would be interested to see if and indeed how it might enhance the student learning experience.

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