Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Weather-proof iPad cases

This iPad case made by Griffin costs in the region of £25-£40 depending on Amazon price variation. We wanted an iPad case that could withstand the British weather and could survive being dropped onto a hard surface without having sensitivity of the screen compromised.

After extensive field testing last week in wet (and at times sunny) Devon, UK, we can feel confident that these cases stand up to the wettest conditions.  One student commented that "cameras and phones came back broken, the only thing left standing were the iPads".  The cases also calmed a lot of anxieties that the students had as they felt the iPads were more robust in their cases.

Negative points: the stand is a bit flimsy, but we barely used it on the trip. The weight of the iPad doubles when the case is on, again, it only weighs the same as a large notepad but if you are on an expedition and trying to travel light, this may be an issue. Overall, the benefits and durability far outweight


Anonymous said...

that's brilliant standing cases for the system equipments Collections.Leather Ipad Portfolio Case so good.

Jade Graham said...

Here is a few pics of it with one of my favorite apps when its not in use - "Time 2" which mimic's the PADD device from Star Trek: The Next Generation... iPad Air