Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Fieldwork and technology x2

May is a busy month for the Enhancing Fieldwork Learning project! We have two fieldtrips taking place this month, first one is to the Big Apple......New York City! Our Human Geographers here at the University of Chester will be investigating social exclusion, migration and urban regeneration. 

The students are taking iPads and Livescribe pens with them to interview people, make observations and interact with one another. 

We will be trialling Twitter, Fotobabble and iTalk with the student groups.  


Next on the agenda is the Physical Geography trip to Almeria in South-East Spain. 

Students will be making use of netbooks to enter their data whilst out in the field and also will have access to aerial photographs on the netbooks whilst out in the field. 


We are looking forward to talking to the students when they return to gathering their perspectives on using technology on the fieldtrips. 

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